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Registration is now open!

Before submitting your application, please carefully read our Terms & Conditions.

To begin preparing your audition materials early, please see the requirements listed below.

Audition preferences:

  • minimum height for ladies 158cm 

  • minimum height for men 170 cm

  • age range 17-30

(Graduates should turn 18 before the summer of 2024)

To apply, please fill the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM

and send ALL of the following material to our e-mail:


 1.  A bullet point CV with head photograph. 

 2. A YouTube link to your audition video

 3. A photo in 1st Arabesque

 4. Proof of payment €30 application fee



1. CV guidelines

Your CV should be simple and short (one A4 page) and in bullet point format. Please place information such as age, height (in cm) and citizenship, at the top. CV must include head photo with clear background.

It should be sent as a PDF.

2. Video guidelines

Audition video doesn't need to be filmed professionally. It may be filmed on your phone, but make sure it's positioned horizontally. You do not need costumes or stage footage. Directors are only interested in seeing a clear view of your dancing.

Videos must be posted on YouTube under public or unlisted category. Video File Name must be of Candidate’s full name – First and Last name. 

Video should be no longer than 10 min and include:

  • Exercises on center (Ladies on pointe):

           - Adagio

           - Pirouettes en dehors & en dedens

           - Petit allegro

           - Grand allegro

           - Tour en l'air and battu (gentlemen only)

  • A Variation of your choice from the classical ballet repertoire.

3. Photograph guidelines

Your dance photo should be in 1st Arabesque (Female Candidates on Pointe, Male Candidates on Demi-Pointe). 

Photos are to be submitted as jpeg images.


4. Application fee

Non-refundable application fee of €30 must be paid once the Online Form is submitted.

PLEASE NOTE that unpaid Registrations will not be reviewed.

Application fee can be paid via Online payment system.

Accepted Candidates must confirm their participation by making a payment of  Administration Fee of €250 within 1 week of receiving email of acceptance. 

Should Applicant fail to provide requested documents and video material APPLICANT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.


Cancellation/withdraws before or during the MASTER AUDITION does not entitle the reimbursement of any fee.

Registration is now open! 

Space is limited. Register early to secure your spot.

As soon as the spots are filled, registration will be closed.
To begin preparing your audition materials early, please see the requirements linked below.

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