Intermediate Level

Intermediate level programme is intended for students 12 to 14 years of age.


2 week course:

Monday July 18th till Saturday July 30th 2022 

Arrival day July 17th  

Departure day  31st July 2022

1 week course

18th - 23rd July  or  25th - 30th July 2022


All applicants will need to submit photographs as part of their application.


Applications close 15 April 2022.


One week (18-23 July, or 25-30 July): €550

Two weeks (18-30 July): €850

Accommodation in Hotel "Dubrovnik" : €630 (2 weeks)

Deposit:  €50 (non-returnable)

The deposit needs to be paid within one week of acceptance.

Remaining fee for the course and accommodation must be paid in full by May 1st 2022. 


Ballet class 

Point shoes class 

Classical repertoire

Male Technique



Up to 5 hours of ballet classes every day from Monday to Saturday

Classes are held in the morning hours. 

Afternoons are free. 


To audition please fill the Application form and 

send us 4 photos to

  • 1st Arabesque

  • A la seconde en l'air en face with arms in 2nd position ( for Intermediate students leg should be lifted only up to 90°)

  • En pointe 4th position en croise with arms in 3rd position

  • portrait photo

Auditions are open to all students who have achieved intermediate level of ballet training.