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Terms & Conditions


1. Master Audition is organized by Ballet Masterclass, further referred to as the "Organiser". The registered applicant (and if under 18, his/her legal representative) of the Master Audition be referred to in this Agreement as the “Applicant.” 

2. Where the registrant is a minor/dependent/child, a parent/guardian/caregiver is accepting these Terms and Conditions on their behalf.

3. Registration for the Master Audition implies a full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions between the Organizer and the Applicant. This agreement is deemed read and accepted when the Applicant (or his/her legal representative) clicks on the button “Submit" of the Online Application form related to the Terms & Conditions.

4. It is the registrant's responsibility to have a thorough understanding of the program they are auditioning for before attending the audition. 

5. Registrants must meet the age eligibility requirement at the commencement date of the Program, to be eligible to audition.

6. By accepting the conditions of registration and participation in the Event, registrants and/or their parents/guardians, acknowledge that activities involved are physical, may be strenuous, and may involve the risk of personal injury or accident. Participation is voluntary, based on the registrant/parent’s assessment of their fitness, health, cognitive ability to participate, and understanding of the audition requirements, activities and expected outcomes.

7. By accepting these terms and conditions, registrants and their parents/guardians, declare that they do not have any pre-existing health or physical conditions which could impede their full participation in the audition.

8. The audition panel’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding audition results.

9. Organiser does not provide travel, accommodation, or meals during the Event. We reserve the right to make changes or amend Artistic Directors should this be necessary.

10. Registrants will not be offered access to the event premises prior to the published registration time.

11. Waiting room facilities are not available for parents/carers throughout the event.

12. Participants are expected to adhere to the following dress guidelines: FEMALE: Leotard of own choice, pink ballet tights and ballet flats and pointe shoes.

MALE: Fitted T-shirt and tights, or unitard, with socks and ballet flats

13. Ballet Masterclass reserves the right to refuse registration or to request a registrant to leave the audition if he or she is disruptive, late, has not paid fees, has not been truthful in their registration and/or there are concerns for the health and/or safety of the registrant, other registrants or staff.

14. Organizer withholds the right to cancel the Event, in which case all the fee payments will be reimbursed.  

Selected Candidates of the Master Audition Europe must:

Confirm participation by making an Event Administrative payment of €250 for the Master Audition within 1 week of the acceptance email notification letter. Failure to comply by the given deadline will result in the termination of the registration. Fees are non-refundable nor transferable to any other participant nor to any other Ballet Masterclass event. 

Candidate Must choose and submit Variation which he/she will be presenting for the second round if selected by Artistic Director(s) after class. 

Candidate Must have USB with music file (mp3 / format .wav format) of the Variation presented. If the Candidate is selected for the 2nd round USB must be submitted in time, as defined by the Organiser. USB must contain ONLY a recording of the variation presented. 


1. Ballet Masterclass is unable to offer a refund of fees unless the audition is cancelled by the Company or in exceptional circumstances.

2. In exceptional circumstances, a refund request must be made in writing at least 14 days prior to the audition to be considered by Ballet management.

3. A medical certificate must be provided in exceptional circumstances where the registrant is unable to attend due to injury or illness.

1. Reimbursements are allowed ONLY in case of illness or injuries and ONLY if the student/candidate presents 2 (two) different medical certificates from 2 (two) different Specialised Physicians. Certificates issued by a Physiotherapist and Osteopaths are NOT ACCEPTED. Handwritten Certificates are NOT ACCEPTED. Long-term Injuries/illnesses resulting from previous or old chronic injuries/illnesses will not be considered for the reimbursements.

4. All the Certificates issued by the physicians/doctors must be on the official medical blank with letterhead and must bear the name of the doctor,  institution/clinic with the exact address, and ink signature. The certificates must specify the diagnosis in accordance with the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. It must include the date of the injury or illness, the date of issue of the certificate, the Physicians / Doctors signature and Collegiate number of the Doctor, and the Authority Centre where this certificate was issued. Certificates for reimbursements must be submitted no later than February 1st, 2024. Certificates of injuries or illnesses that occurred after February 1st, 2024, are NOT ACCEPTED. Injuries that occurred due to an old injury are not eligible for a refund. Information provided by the Candidate is strictly confidential and is not shared with any other party.  

3. Maximum reimbursement of 150 Euro will be given to the injured/ill Candidate in case he/she is able to provide all the necessary documents at the right time.

4. Any other cancellations/withdrawals before or during the MASTER AUDITION EUROPE do not entitle the reimbursement of any fee. If the Candidate decides not to attend/participate in MASTER AUDITION at the last minute for any reason he/she will not be eligible for the refund. Candidates will not be transferred from one Master Audition event to the other if such an event takes place. A new Registration will have to be submitted with a new registration fee.


Ballet Masterclass may take and use photographs and videos of registrants for promotional and archival purposes. If you do not wish to have your image used please advise us prior to the audition (via email), or it will be presumed that you give your consent. Registrants grant Organizer the right to use artistic material including still and video footage for promotion, education, research and other Company business operations deemed reasonable

for commercial and non-commercial purposes.  Registrants may not make recordings (audio, video or photographic) during the audition.


Candidate or his parents / legal representatives hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Ballet Masterclass and/or the agents, employees, and directors of this institution (collectively, the “Indemnified Parties”) for any loss, claim, damage, suit, costs or expenses, including attorneys’ fees and court costs, resulting from or arising out of any injury to any person or damage to property, caused by the Candidate or whether caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the Indemnified Parties, incurred as a result of or during the MASTER AUDITION or any activities in connection with the MASTER AUDITION.

By signing this Agreement, Candidate or his parents / legal representatives agree to assume full responsibility for, and risk of, bodily injury, death, or property damage to which relate to or arise out Candidate’s entry into or use of the Premises in any way. By signing this Agreement Candidate or his parents / legal representatives acknowledge that the risks associated with entry into and use of the Premises may be both foreseen and unforeseen, and may include serious physical injury and/or death, and other personal and property damages, and agree to assume all associated risks.

The Declaration

I declare that all the information that I have provided is complete and accurate and I am fit to participate in the event.

 I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I know I am about to participate in a Dance activity that demands significant physical effort.
I hereby declare that I am healthy and fit for the activity and have trained for it accordingly.
I understand that my participation in the Master Audition event, under the circumstances that I am not adequately in physical form, may endanger my health. 
I am aware that the organizing committee of the event, the hosting party, the organizers and producers, and sponsors will not undertake any responsibility for any harm that I may endure, including bodily harm that may occur prior to the event, during, or thereafter, nor are they responsible for any lost or damaged belongings. 
I declare that if during the Master Audition, I suffer or if I suspect that I suffer from any sickness, including fever, digestive issues, or cough, then I will consult a physician prior to the event and receive permission to participate.
I hereby grant permission to the production company, and the related Master Audition sponsors, organizers, management, and producers to use any photographs and videos of me without payment or compensation for the purpose of public relations, marketing, TV, and advertising.


I understand that by making the Event Administrative payment I am hiring an Agency - Ballet Masterclass (referred to in this Agreement as "ORGANISER") to make this event possible and to enable me to participate in the event which will be observed by multiple directors representing professional ballet companies.

Registration is now open! 

Space is limited. Register early to secure your spot.

As soon as the spots are filled, registration will be closed.
To begin preparing your audition materials early, please see the requirements linked below.

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